Digital diagnostic tests allow a more comprehensive analysis

DSD clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology: TACs, digital radiography, intraoral scanners, photography and a video studio, digital scanning of models and computer software amongst others. These are digitalized in order to carry out all patients’ tests digitally and ensure that dentists can perform a comprehensive digital planning and analyse each case with greater precision.

Digital treatments are planned by digitalized diagnostic tests conducted by expert dentists using specific software that allows dentists to perform virtual work of each patient case. It also allows dentists to conduct the tests and changes that may be required to test them virtually in order to achieve the best biological-aesthetic result of the treatment. The planning of advanced digital treatments provide the best, most efficient and accurate results.

The DSD process starts with a high-quality digital photography and video session in order to capture the patients’ facial features in motion and be able to study the aesthetic and facial harmony. It is also required to take mouth models to convert those records into 3D.

To design and create the perfect smile, it is essential to conduct a number of diagnostic tests that allow to analyse facial and dental proportions of patients. Uniformity of colour, size, position and shape of the teeth, along with gums and lips in harmony with the face, is crucial.

Benefits of Digital Diagnostic Tests:


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