The computer-assisted orthodontic treatment optimizes time

Patients requiring fixed or removable appliances due to problems with teeth placement and alignment, crowding, malocclusion or lack of facial harmony.

Digital Aesthetic Brackets

Benefits of the Digital Aesthetics Brackets

  • ACCURACY: The digital placement of brackets enables a more accurate force application and the most effective treatment.
  • CONVENIENCE: The digital placement of brackets reduces the duration and number of visits to the Dentist.
  • AESTHETICS: The material used to manufacture these brackets is much more aesthetic than metallic brackets.

Transparent Aligners

Benefits of Transparent Aligners

  • CONVENIENCE: Removable aligners, easy to adapt to your lifestyle and needs.
  • AESTHETICS: Aligners are virtually invisible and no one will notice that you are wearing a dental apparatus.
  • DIGITAL: The treatment is digitally planned enabling greater predictability and better control of the patients’ evolution.

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