The digital process planning of orthognathic surgery based on DSD provides greater predictability.

Treatment recommended for patients who present alterations in facial proportions derived from the osseous base. Some clinical examples of alterations that may require this type of procedure are the following: skeletal open bite, gummy smile, facial asymmetry, receding chin or prominent jaw.

Benefits of the digital process planning of Orthognathic Surgery based on DSD protocol:

Orthognathic surgery planning and its related orthodontic treatment is aimed at achieving the planned aesthetic objectives using the DSD protocol, offering patients the best results in order to restore an appropriate biological functionality.

  • Predictability: The treatment is digitally planned, which enables a greater predictability and accuracy regarding the final result.
  • Management of complications: Technology allows us to foresee potential complications.
  • Surgery based on the final aesthetic result: The digital planning of each case enables us to achieve the best aesthetics.

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