Computer-planned treatments allow us to ensure we reach the commitments agreed with our patients.

In DSD clinics, all treatments are done on a digital basis including dental implantology, orthodontics, prostheses and aesthetic treatments. This means that DSD clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology: TACs, digital radiography, intraoral scanners, photography and a video studio. Digital scanning of models and computer software amongst others, which are digitalized in order to carry out all patients’ tests digitally and ensure that dentists can perform a comprehensive digital planning and analyse each case with greater precision.

Digital treatments are planned by digitalized diagnostic tests conducted by expert dentists using specific software that allows dentists to perform virtual work of the case of each patient. It also allows dentists to carry out the tests and changes that may be required to test them virtually to achieve the best biological-aesthetic result of the treatment. The planning of advanced digital treatments provides the best, most efficient and accurate results.

In DSD clinics, we conduct a completely revolutionary technique called ‘Mock-up’, which is the real simulation of the dream design of the patients’ smile fully adapted to his/her facial and aesthetic features, which we place in the patient’s mouth on the second visit, so the patient can see and feel his/her new smile before starting the treatment.

We accurately study how to adjust the prior planning of the treatment to real life. For such a purpose, in the event of dental implant treatments, we use guides, which indicate the exact location of implants and enable less invasive surgery, and, in the event of transparent orthodontic braces, a sequence of trays which may be necessary to continue with the treatment plan. Computer-guided treatments ensure the maximum accuracy and safety in treatments.

The final result of the smile design is identical to the desired smile and approved in the previous setting with the mock-up. Both the smile design and the treatment plan are focused on an interdisciplinary point of view, where dentists covering different specializations work together on each case to provide a comprehensive solution that meets both functional and aesthetic mouth problems.

What we do, we are the only ones doing.

Do you need to change your bite? Do you need to align your teeth? Do you want back the smile you used to have?
Do you need to reinforce your teeth? Do you need to replace teeth with implants? Do you want the smile of a relative?
Do you need to control gum disease? Do you have a gummy smile? Do you want a celebrity smile?
Do you need to remove pain? Do you need to whiten your teeth?



This is only possible with DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN