What is a DSD Clinic?

The first fully digitized dental clinics distributed throughout the globe, which apply the DSD concept, based on the revolutionary digital smile design system that together with cutting-edge technology, allow us to offer patients the best results in an easier, safer and more predictable way, offering patients comprehensive solutions from a multidisciplinary point of view.






“DSD is much more than a smile design system. It is the dream of achieving excellence in dentistry using digital technology. It also allows patients to have the perfect and natural smile they have always dreamed of, in total harmony with their face. The DSD commitment is to ensure that the final result is the desired one, either from a functional and aesthetic point of view. After many years of experience and dental practice, I can assure the power of change and influence of a smile on people’s lives”.





Dr. Christian Coachman
DSD Founder

Why should I choose a DSD Clinic?

A new way of understanding dentistry

1. Technology for Global Diagnosis to ensure the best Planning

The DSD process starts with a high-quality digital photography and video session in order to capture the patients’ facial features in motion and be able to study the aesthetics and harmony of each face. Mouth models are also required to bring those records to 3D.

To design and create the perfect smile, it is essential to conduct all appropriate diagnostic tests that allow us to analyse facial and dental proportions of patients. Uniformity of colour, size, position and shape of the teeth, along with gums and lips in harmony with the face, is crucial.

PERSONALIZED SMILE DESIGN: Each DSD treatment is individually tailored made.

COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Digital diagnostic tests enable us to complete a more complete and accurate analysis.

INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDY: A complete team of dentists working in your case.

2. Become the co-author of your new smile, participating and approving before committing

The most extraordinary innovation offered by DSD is that we can show and put into the patient’s own mouth a real simulation of his/her new smile (mock-up) to see how it would be before starting the treatment.

This technique means that, in the event the of the patient is not agreeing with the design carried out by dentists with respect to the size, shape or colour of teeth, it may be modified to his/her convenience.

FEEL YOUR NEW SMILE: We put your new smile on your face so you can see and feel the future result.

COMMITMENT TO THE RESULT: The Mock-up will be the guide for the final treatment. The result will be identical.

TAILOR MADE SMILE: If you are not satisfied with the new aesthetics of your smile, out team will make the necessary adjustments to achieve the result you want.

3. Natural, healthy and predictable aesthetic result

Once the Mock-up process is completed, we will start the treatment in which we will transfer the design to your mouth permanently. Thanks to the digital DSD protocol, a team of dentists covering different specializations will work in a multidisciplinary manner on your case and will design a computer-based treatment to ensure that the final result is identical to the design previously made.

UTMOST AESTHETIC COMPONENT: DSD ensures the best aesthetic result in conformity with your face to achieve the perfect smile.

SAFETY IN THE TREATMENT: Digital technology allows us to offer more secure, predictable and effective treatments.

TOTAL SATISFACTION: The DSD ultimate goal is the total satisfaction of our patients and to make them feel the power of their new smile.

4. Digital Dentistry allows us to conduct more predictable, precise and faster treatments

Thanks to the full battery of diagnostic tests and the technological implementation plan with which our dentists work in our DSD clinics, we are able to design our patients’ perfect smile with a personalized approach according to their facial and aesthetic features, in addition to proposing to them, the best treatment plan available.

RESPONSIBILITY AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: The interdisciplinary work among dentists allows a comprehensive study to enable us to offer the best results.

SATISFACTORY AND ACCURATE RESULTS: DSD helps dentists to perform the most accurate treatments and obtain the entire satisfaction of patients.

COMMITMENT TO YOUR SMILE: Only a digital and interdisciplinary treatment ensures the desired result.

5. Unique Digital Treatment Planning Center and Official DSD Protocol Center

Managed by the renowned implantologist and expert in dental aesthetics, Francis Coachman, the DSD Planning Center offers DSD clinics worldwide and digital planning of comprehensive smile design treatments with a multidisciplinary approach, in which specialists from all dental branches and fields work together in order to ensure the best results, with optimal quality and in the shortest time possible. The DSD Planning Center is equipped with the latest technology and our most advanced fully-integrated software.

STATE OF THE ART DENTISTRY: DSD Clinics with the support of the DSD Planning Center take advantage of their expertise, to perform Emotional, Interdisciplinary & Digital Dentistry.

DIGITAL TREATMENTS: The DSD Planning Center helps the DSD Clinics to develop unique Digital Treatment modalities: DSD 2D & 3D, Mockup, Guided Surgery and Restorations.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH: A DSD Clinic is able to implement the DSD protocol in the easiest and fastest way with an interdisciplinary team of dentists, including implantologists and orthodontists, who are experts in Digital Smile Design.

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